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International Grief Institute

Healing comes in many forms, and the IGI village offers many opportunities. We’re fortunate enough to have access to life’s most wonderful teachers who are willing to teach what they've lived and learned. Take steps toward your own healing and register for a webinar below. Can’t attend the date? Sign up now and watch the recorded session at a time suitable to you. Check out our growing list of experts here. ​

Personal Enrichment Webinar

November 6​​

The Art of Remembering

INSTRUCTOR:  Chelsea Hanson

90 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•Find inspiring ways to preserve memories
•Honor the life of a loved one by choosing from a rich treasury of creative ideas and projects
•Enjoy ways for remembering that makes you happy
•Maintain the continuing bonds with deceased loved ones and learn to stay connected in joyous ways

Introduction to Meditation

INSTRUCTOR:  Annah Elizabeth

60 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern


​•De-bunking meditation myths
•Benefits of meditation
•How to create your own meditation practice

Affirmation Writing

INSTRUCTOR:  Harriet Hodgson

60 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•Understand the definition of the word "affirmation"
•Learn the benefits of affirmation writing
•Read examples of grief healing affirmations
•Know affirmation writing steps and how to use them

•Explore ways to apply affirmations to real life

How it works:

The IGI webinar platform is a village of the very best humanitarians who all share a desire to make the world a better place. They design their own curriculum, set their own price, and share what they know with students.  You can ask questions, interact with the instructor, or sit quietly and soak up the healing.

Register below for any webinars you like. Welcome to our village.  ​

Interested in teaching your own webinar? Learn more here

Telling Our Stories:

Creative Spiritual Journaling

INSTRUCTOR:  Harriet Riley

 60 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern


​•What a spiritual journal can be
•Centered writing practice
•Reasons to keep a journal
•Practice ways to journal with writing and visual prompts

Personal Enrichment Webinar

October 23​​

Webinars for everyone

"Part of the healing process is sharing

with other people who care."


Welcome to IGI, a global platform working to bridge the gap between life, death, and grief by offering corporate bereavement services, grief certification training, and personal enrichment opportunities. Whether you're a corporation looking for procedural strategies or an individual seeking professional development or personal enrichment, join us in bridging the gap and paint the world with hope for future generations. 

I Can't Make This Life Up 

INSTRUCTOR:  Shelly Woodward

60 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•Survive depression
•Find support through family and friends
•How to be okay with loving outside marriage
•Live the best life you can in the face of adversity

The Widower's Journey


2 hours   5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:                    

​•Process grief as a man                                          
•Maintain health during stress
•Manage a career while coping with loss
•Preserve your late partner's memory
•Reenter the dating world

Certification Courses

Personal Enrichment Webinar

November 15

Mitch Carmody

Finding Hope After Loss

INSTRUCTORS:  Drs. Gloria & Heidi Horsley

90 minutes     4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern

Learn to identify:

​•10 tips for helping clients take care of themselves
•Identify practical means of instilling hope by teaching the bereaved skills for healing and thriving
•Identify special considerations when offering support and how this can be used to stabilize clients
•Best practices for finding hope after loss

Healing Through the Holidays

INSTRUCTOR:  Annah Elizabeth

2 hours     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•Identify fears and concerns about the holidays
•Identify needs and goals for the holidays
•Identify personal strengths and assets
•Identify outside support systems

•Develop strategies to meet your needs

After Death Communication

INSTRUCTOR:  Christine Duminiak

90 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•20 ways loved ones contact us from the afterlife
•Tips for receiving afterlife contacts and dream visits
•Grief healing methods

Healing with Reiki

INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Ehlers, Reiki Master

60 minutes   6 pm pacific / 9 pm eastern


​•How to understand your grief and common responses
•About the Japanese healing art and its benefits
•Which energy centers are impacted most by grief
•How to use Reiki to ease emotional pain
•Simple Reiki techniques to begin repairing your heart

Writing for Self Care & Self


INSTRUCTOR:  Annah Elizabeth

90 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern

Learn how to:

​•Debunk writing myths and fears
•Use writing as a self care and self discovery aid
•Use writing to release toxic emotions
•Use writing to gain insight into conflict

•Use writing to gain insight into healing

grief certification

Personal Enrichment Webinar

November 7

Personal Enrichment Webinar

December 12

Personal Enrichment Webinar

November 28

Corporate Services

Personal Enrichment Webinar

November 14

Put your compassion to work to help those on the road behind you. Take one of our certification courses and learn to teach our curriculum in your own region, or help improve your corporate culture. Either way, join us and be part of a village working for a better tomorrow. ​  Learn more.

Personal Enrichment Webinar

January  16

The wealth of a company is built on the health of its employees. In the face of personal or community crisis, grief doesn't stay in the cubicle. Learn strategies to help improve corporate culture, reduce employee turnover, and help protect the bottom line when crisis strikes one of your team.   Learn more.

Personal Enrichment Webinar

February 13

Personal Enrichment Webinar

December 5

Proactive Grieving:

Turning loss to legacy

INSTRUCTOR:  Mitch Carmody

75 minutes     5 pm pacific / 8 pm eastern


​•How to recognize and assess somatic symptoms, body language, and grief complications
•Emotional changes of grief
•The quantum physics of empathy with other grievers
•How to find equilibrium in body, mind, spirit & soul

Harriet Riley

Personal Enrichment Webinar

January 9

Personal Enrichment Webinar

December 19