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​Corporate Services


Corporate Protocol Development 

WHO:  Up to 15 managers, administrators, supervisors, department leads

TIME:   7.5 hours

WHERE: On site

The wealth of a company is built on the health of its employees. In the face of personal crisis or a global disaster, all employees are affected resulting in over $75 billion in annual revenue loss. Learn strategies to help improve corporate culture, reduce employee turnover, and help protect the bottom line when crisis strikes one of your team. 

Grief isn't limited to the cubicle. When crisis happens to one employee, it affects the whole office. 

Employee Crisis Response protocol development helps employers incorporate and employ strategies during both the acute phase and the transition phase of a crisis including how to conduct a briefing and debriefing, how to minimize disruption and ensure employee safety, and how to maximize workflow in the face of disruption.

Employee Crisis Response protocol development is a one-day training taught on sight for managers, supervisors, administrators, department and floor leads, and other team leaders learn how to draft, incorporate, and implement corporate response strategies for handling crisis in the office. 

Professionals will learn how to:
  1. Write company policy
  2. Respond to employee crisis
  3. Minimize disruption
  4. Maximize workflow
  5. Ensure employee safety
  6. Prepare communication
  7. Conduct briefing and debriefing
  8. Incorporate Corporate Bereavement Buddies as a liaison
  9. Improve corporate culture and employee satisfaction
  10. Reduce employee turnover 

Corporate Services

When loss strikes an employee, grief doesn't stay in the cubicle, resulting in an estimated $75 billion in annual revenue loss.* Learn and implement employee crisis response strategies so your company is prepared next time crisis happens in the office. 

*From data compiled through the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC)

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Corporate Service

WHO:  Department co-workers

TIME:   3 hours

WHERE: On site

Debriefing is the process of facilitating a safe, confidential discussion when a significant incident or traumatic event happens to an employee. Humans need to talk, and a facilitated debriefing promotes a team-building atmosphere by reducing office anxiety and creating a safe place for employees to ask questions and share concerns. 

A facilitated debriefing will:

  1. Give employees time to process an incident together
  2. Set the tone that pulling together is a team effort benefitting everyone including the company
  3. Minimize gossip
  4. Reduce anxiety and fear
  5. Improve corporate culture and employee satisfaction
  6. Reduce employee turnover

"The wealth of Corporate America is

built on the health of its employees."​​​