Corporate Bereavement Buddy™

Learn to support bereaved employees when they return to work.

Employees are the backbone of every organization. Yet grief in the workplace costs employers up to $500 billion in lost productivity every year (Medina, 2012).

The Corporate Bereavement Buddy™ certification program trains individual staff members to provide support when a bereaved employee returns to work. Encompassing education, grief support skills and turnkey resources, specialists learn best practices for managing grief in the workplace and the skills necessary to help mitigate emotional trauma and maximize workflow.


  • The core components of grief
  • How to support the bereaved employee as they transition back to work
  • How to monitor and mitigate the effects of emotional trauma
  • Understanding signs and symptoms of stress
  • Understanding how stress relates to dysfunction in the workplace
  • How to provide individual peer support
  • How to facilitate group support
  • How to work from a trauma informed perspective
  • How to offer resilience tools
  • How to facilitate debriefings
  • and more


The certification aligns with IGI’s dedication to investing in employee resilience by helping organizations develop and execute programs and services that have a positive impact on their staff. Certification establishes credibility and expertise in the field of bereavement skills with delivery of effective, useful and quality outreach.

West Coast: Lynda Cheldelin Fell | 360-510-8590
East Coast: Linda Findlay | 315-725-6132


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Coming soon

Live online class

Who is it for?
Any employee or organization who is interested in mitigating the effects of grief in the workplace.

What can a Corporate Bereavement Buddy™ do?
The Corporate Bereavement Buddy can provide peer mentoring and monitoring of a bereaved employee when he or she returns to work. Based upon national Critical Incident Stress Management elements, the curriculum covers psychological crisis and grief-associated stress, common psychological and behavioral reactions, and strategies to mitigate triggering and unsafe situations in the workplace.

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