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Dr. Bob Baugher has taught psychology and death-related courses for more than 40 years. The author of several books, he has been the national advisor to The Compassionate Friends for more than 30 years and given more than 800 workshops on coping with loss.

  • Getting hope back
  • Does grief ever go away Part 1
  • Does grief ever go away Part 2
  • Proxy grief
  • Double grief
  • Coping with the holidays
  • Something’s wrong with my child
  • Sibling survivor’s guilt
  • When others minimize our grief
  • Ending it; sometimes you want to, but don’t
  • Dealing with triggers
  • Men in pain
  • 15 things not to say to a bereaved man
  • Coping with hatred
  • Dip into denial
  • How long should grief last (according to the media)?
  • Aren’t you over it?
  • Dealing with guilt
  • Grieving people scare me
  • When others minimize our grief
  • Understanding nightmares
  • To all the siblings
  • The death of my father
  • What if I grieved perfectly?
  • Can we talk about my child?

  • Empathy & brain pain relief
  • Do men really cry less than women?
  • Grief prejudice & discrimination Part 1
  • Grief prejudice & discrimination Part 2
  • Why they think they know what’s good for you
  • Can’t sleep? This is for you.
  • The cruel trick of grief
  • Terrorist attacks as teachable moments for children
  • Death rates in bereaved parents
  • My friend just sat there and listened
  • Your brain is doing the best it can
  • When I get sick, I’m telling everyone
  • How to make a person grieve forever
  • Umbutu
  • Grief makes a promise
  • Should I keep my changing grief a secret?
  • Do The Secret principles apply to grief?
  • Stuffing stuffed animals eases grief
  • Dream facts
  • Life isn’t short, we just forget most of it
  • Everything happens for a reason, right?
  • How to use death insurance to trick death
  • What does it mean to deal with it?
  • My first death
  • I teach college courses on death, and love it
  • When Tom left, I cried
  • 6 tricks your brain plays on you during grief
  • Making memories or missing opportunities?
  • Telling your parents what to do
  • Grief’s strange thoughts
  • Your secret grief
  • That one person who doesn’t deny our grief
  • Why other’s rationalize our grief
  • Why we can’t live every moment if we were to die tomorrow